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Livesco d.o.o. company that providings sport data services like sport scores xml feeds in different formats including live scores rss and live scores xml feeds. Our clients use live sport data for their sport and news related webportals, their mobile and iphone applications for teletexts, sms services and other modern media.

Our goal is to provide Reliable and Fast scores xml feeds for Affordable price to everyone. We are aware that sometimes when you just start with your projects it is hard to invest a lot of money into livescore data and becouse of this we try to look deeper in your projects and make deals that leads to win-win situation to both parties on long term.

We can provide you with livescores, season fixtures, standings, event info, odds, statistics and more for many sports including soccer, ice hockey, tennis, handball, basketball and cricket.

Development of new services related to sport data delivery is our priority. You can check our portals to see what we develop and what we can offer to you: our brands

It is hard task to choose right scores xml provider. Here is little help:

First thing you need to check with your new livescores provider is if they cover all sports and leagues you need and if coverage is deep enough for your needs.

When you have all your favourites next you need to check for prices. You will see there are some providers that offer really low prices like example 20-30 EUR for soccer livescores and we reccomend you to remove those from your list as you can be sure they are not what you are looing for (reliable, affordable and fast provider). If you do not believe us you will remove them in next step.

This is crucial step. You need to ask from your favourite live XML scores providers trial access to feeds and those that can not provide you with trial access to livescores should be avoided.

When you have trials check them for:
- possible errors in XML structure,
- how feeds are organized (do you have all data, team ids, league ids,...),
- how fast and reliable is data.

When you finish testing you need to choose best provider with ok price and close deal with them. I know procedure can be long but in end you will get best service for price you can afford. And if you choose our service in end we will be really happy to serve you :)

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